The Best diet for maximum health and prevent diabetes ,obesity , heart disease

Here is the diet that can help prevent diabetes , obesity and heart diseases. It also helps to reduce weight and  in maintaining a lean body.

1) Eat whole and natural foods only.
These include vegetables (raw or slightly cooked ) , fruits ,nuts ,fish ,eggs ,lean meat , yoghurt (curd) ,low fat milk etc.

2) Eat every 3 hours .Eat small portions at frequent regular intervals .
    This is very important in maintaining the blood sugar levels even.
 Eating a heavy breakfast (idli/dosa w sambar , eggs w/fruits , apple & almond smoothie) will kickstart the body's metabolism and prevent obesity.

3) Eat plenty of good fats such as Omega 3 fats ie, eat fish and eggs (including the yolk).These are called Essential fatty Acids and they are very essential for our brains and nervous system .They are the building blocks of brain matter .

4) Curd (yoghurt) is a wonder .It has the good digestive bacteria (probiotic )that is naturally present in our intestines and vaginal tract.They are found to be very effective in boosting immunity  and preventing diarrhea , irritable bowel syndrome , commom colds ,colon cancer ,vaginal yeast infection ,  etc.

5)Drink plenty of water (chlorine free ) to get rid of toxins from the body .Chlorine is known as a listed poison.Chlorine has adverse effects on our body systems.
Avoid juices including  fruit juices and all soft drinks. Fruit juices do not give the benefits of the fresh fruits .

6) Brisk walk (walking very fast with swinging the arms widely ) daily for 30 minutes to get the heart pump blood into all the cells in our body.

7) Avoid white four (maida) ,white rice and sugar completely.Use brown rice ,whole wheat and Jaggery instead.Palm jaggery is very beneficial as it is an excellent source or iron and other nutrients
and is ideal for diabetics .Brown sugar is worse than white sugar .

8) Avoid processed foods like french fries , pizza and all the new generation fast foods that have zero nutrional value.Instead eat baked potatoes . Home cooked meals can guarantee a longer life span for us.
9) Eat fibre rich foods to keep that hunger cravings away.

10) Always combine protien rich foods like nuts with carbohydrate rich foods like fruits .
      A combo of fruits and nuts or a strawberry/badam milk smoothie are the healthiest snacks .

Following these simple but crucial steps will ensure us a healthy body and also in preventing a whole lot of lifestyle induced diseases like heart deseases ,diabetes , cancer etc.....

Wish you good health .Thank You .

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